5 Of The Greatest Videogame Villains

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I figured I would start this blog off with something simple, and what is easier than a post about 5 of the Greatest Gaming Villains? While there are thousands of Baddies to choose from, I have managed to choose 5 that stood out in my mind (as well as a few honorable mentions). Of course I don’t expect everyone to agree with my choices, and I strongly encourage everyone to post their thoughts, and even their 5 choices in a comment below.

So here we go…

5. The Colossi (Shadows Of The Colossus, PS2)

Coming in at the bottom of the list, these 16 beasts comprise the only enemies in the game. Ranging in shape from animals to humans, the main character (named Wander) must conquer each of the gigantic beasts. How is this done? He must climb up them and find a weak point to strike, which is no easy task given the sheer size of these creatures. To get an idea of just how large they can be, there is a video of Wander’s encounter with the first Colossi found here.

I chose the Colossi as #5 not just for their size, but because if 16 creatures can make up an entire game, then some credit is due.

4. GLaDOS (Half-Life 2: Portal, PS3/360/PC)

The mastermind behind the entire Portal experiments at Aperture Science, most people seem to develop a love/hate relationship with her (it?) by the time they complete the game.

Starting off as a seemingly friendly guide, it isn’t long before she is making sarcastic remarks, and promising you cake if you give up immediately (re: the impossible puzzle room).

As the game goes on GLaDOS tries directing you (Chell) into more and more dangerous situations, obviously with sinister intent (yet still maintaining her cheerful, mechanical voice).

Despite being the biggest bitch, software-wise (next to Windows Vista;, of course), she still managed to end up on Rockband 2 singing the closing theme to Portal; Still Alive.

3. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming; PS2, PS3)

Pyramid Head, since his first appearance in Silent Hill 2, has definitely become an icon in the survival horror field. Always seen dragging the Great Knife behind him with it’s unsettling scrapping noise while walking at a snail’s pace, Pyramid Head is not someone you want to be caught alone with.

The one thing Pyramid Head will be more than willing to teach you is when Rape O’Clock is. That and how easily he can slice someone in half like butter.

While disappointed in his role (or lack thereof) in Silent Hill: Homecoming, his first scene in Silent Hill 2 still has me “WTF-ing”. If you don’t know what I mean than it is well worth the $10 or so dollars the game would cost at EB just to check it out.

Pyramid Head. Serious Business.

2. Ghaleon/Magic Emperor Ghaleon (Lunar: TSSS, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue; Sega CD & PS1)

While originally going to be my number one choice, I had to bump him down to number 2 after remembering how terrible he was in Eternal Blue. Definitely the first baddie that I became obsessed with, Ghaleon was sarcastic, sadistic, powerful and the way his lines were delivered in cutscenes were perfect. Plus, as Magic Emperor Ghaleon he just looked badass.

It saddens me that they never came through with Lunar 3 (although it has been rumoured for 10 years now -_-;). If anyone hasn’t played the Lunar series I recommend at least play Lunar: The Silver Star Story. Ghaleon aside it is also ranked as my favourite RPG of all time.

1. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI, SNES)

While Sephiroth is most likely the most well known (and overrated) Final Fantasy villains, he doesn’t hold a candle to Kefka when it comes to sheer power and evil.

Sure Sephiroth walks through fire, kill Aeris, dresses in black, has a sword that fanboys drool over, and has some sweet boss music. But Kefka killed millions of people while carving into the planet with his Light Of Judgement, had an amusing laugh (in amazing SNES sound), and dressed like… a clown.

Now that takes guts to wake up every morning with rule the world and look rediculous as hell. But kidding aside; Kefka was heartless, ambitious, and an all around bastard and it paid off for the most part. He has probably achieved more (destruction wise) than any other villian, had the most simplistic goal (to eradicate everyone), had better character development, and was all around a bigger asshole than the others in the series. It is too bad he was overshadowed by the release of PS1 and the over-hyping of Sephiroth.

Well there is my list of my top 5 Videogame Baddies. Do you agree? Disagree? Would you pick 5 completely different people? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!